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11 Grounding Techniques For Empathic People

Lately, I have written two posts about empathic people. They face many challenges and often cannot cope with them. Hence, the grounding techniques are so important and today you will learn nearly a dozen of them.

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Are You an Empath? Test Yourself. Part Two

Empaths are living among us. We might not recognise them. I have decided to make you more familiar with these human beings. You could read about ten features of empaths in my last post. Today I will present you nine more of them.

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Are You an Empath? Test Yourself Part One

An empath… Have you ever thought why strange people open up in front of you and share their hidden thoughts with you? Can you connect to the selves of animals? Probably you belong to the beings called empaths. To be 100 per cent sure, test yourself.