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Coronavirus. 9 Vaccines That Work

The world is crazy about coronavirus. People are looking for a vaccine offered by academic medicine. However, there are some, more effective methods of vaccination to the virus.

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How To Take Responsibility For Health

Health is one of the areas of life for which we should take responsibility, especially today, at the tiems of coronavirus and alol the panic resulting from it. But how to tackle this challenge?

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Limiting Beliefs. Learn the Hidden Truth

Not far ago, I promised to write something about beliefs. Today you will learn how to recognise limiting beliefs which limit your happiness, love and abundance.

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Beware Of The New Virus…

Not far ago the world became infected with a new virus: the coronavirus. However, very few people are aware that there is another, even more, serious danger. What is it?

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9 Steps To Regain Control Over Your Life

Do you recognise the moments when you lose control over your life? Everything is flowing, you are drifting and become dependent on other people’s decisions. The time has come to regain your power and control. Learn how to do it.