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4 Spiritual Laws That Always Work

A friend of mine asked me yesterday: “What are the spiritual laws to follow? I had to think for a while. nevertheless, eventually, I sat down and wrote this post. Learn more about the four Indian spiritual laws.

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Beware Of The New Virus…

Not far ago the world became infected with a new virus: the coronavirus. However, very few people are aware that there is another, even more, serious danger. What is it?

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4 Examples Of Soul Plans

We come to the Earth with soul plans. There are many of them. Today I will present you the four most frequent ones which you can meet in your life.

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6 Things Your Soul Wants to Tell You

Some months ago you could read about soul contracts on this blog. Today I will broaden this topic, presenting you 6 messages that your soul wants to tell you.

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How To Protect From Negative Thought Forms

Thought forms, if negative, are very dangerous to your body, mind and soul. You have already learnt some basics from my recent post. However, not all people know how to protect from unwanted thought forms. Today I will show you how.