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Limiting Beliefs. Are They Worth Trouble?

Not far ago I started a cycle of articles about limiting beliefs. You already know that they often have payoffs. However, have you ever made a balance sheet to eliminate them?

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Coronavirus. 9 Vaccines That Work

The world is crazy about coronavirus. People are looking for a vaccine offered by academic medicine. However, there are some, more effective methods of vaccination to the virus.

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4 Spiritual Laws That Always Work

A friend of mine asked me yesterday: “What are the spiritual laws to follow? I had to think for a while. nevertheless, eventually, I sat down and wrote this post. Learn more about the four Indian spiritual laws.

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Beware Of The New Virus…

Not far ago the world became infected with a new virus: the coronavirus. However, very few people are aware that there is another, even more, serious danger. What is it?

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4 Examples Of Soul Plans

We come to the Earth with soul plans. There are many of them. Today I will present you the four most frequent ones which you can meet in your life.