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How To “Enjoy” Shorter Life – Holistic Approach

Nearly every person I meet asks me “How to enjoy a longer life?” I admit that it is a hard question to answer. Nevertheless, I have decided to give you some tips on longevity. But first, let’s learn what shortens your life.

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How To Declutter Your Life Efficiently Part Three

You could already read how to declutter your house, workplace, relationships and unfinished business in my last two articles. Today I will explain how to clear the clutter from the rest of your life.

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7 Kinds Of Cost You Have To Pay Because Of Clutter

You have already read about the kinds of clutter that may exist in your life. You know that clutter has to be cleared. However, you also know how hard it is to start. Therefore, I have decided to describe to you the costs you will pay and are paying while not taking action.

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Responsible Thinking – What Is That?

You could read about the reasons of responsible thinking in my last post. Today I would like to present you what responsibility for your thoughts means.

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6 Reasons Why To Take Responsibility For Your Thoughts

We all know how powerful our thoughts are. However, in many cases we do not take care of the quality of our thinking, letting negativity flood our minds. Today I will present you the six reasons why it is worth trouble to take responsibility for the quality of our thoughts. My next post will explain to you what it means to be responsible for your them.