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Negative Beliefs. Is It Hard To Change Them?

We all know that changing negative beliefs is a must. However, I agree that sometimes it is very hard. Learn when it happens and what to do to transform these beliefs.

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Coronavirus. 9 Vaccines That Work

The world is crazy about coronavirus. People are looking for a vaccine offered by academic medicine. However, there are some, more effective methods of vaccination to the virus.

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Negative Energy. How To Liberate From It

One of my readers asked me a question: “How to liberate from negative energy?” As the topic is very important, today you will learn how to dissolve bad energy in practice.

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6 Things Your Soul Wants to Tell You

Some months ago you could read about soul contracts on this blog. Today I will broaden this topic, presenting you 6 messages that your soul wants to tell you.

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An Uplifting Spiritual Message

We all notice that spiritual growth may be hard and often difficult. Therefore, today I would like to give you a spiritual message, which will help you to keep the faith and to be persistent on the way to the Source.