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What is Your Code Of Life?

You probably know the ten commandments described in the Bible. However, have you ever thought of having your own? What is your code of life? Today I will give you an example.

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Optimism and Pessimism From Holistic Point Of View

We have just started a new calendar year. How do you perceive it? With optimism or pessimism? Learn why optimism is worth the while and what it can create in your life.

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The Soul Contract. How To Live With It

A friend of mine asked me yesterday: “What is a soul contract?” I answered her and later have decided to present the answer today. Learn how to recognise and fix a soul contract.

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The Power of Thoughts

It is not the first time I am writing about thoughts and their impact on our life. However, this issue is so important that today I have decided to show you why your thoughts are so powerful and what you can do with them.

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How To Make Good Decisions. 11 Easy Steps

Making decisions is a difficult play. You usually face many fears and doubts if you have made the best choice. Learn how to make decisions in an effective and holistic way.