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Coronavirus. 9 Vaccines That Work

The world is crazy about coronavirus. People are looking for a vaccine offered by academic medicine. However, there are some, more effective methods of vaccination to the virus.

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Love. How To Attract It In 6 Steps

Who of you want sot create a relationship. full of love, care, understanding and commitment? I suppose more than 99% of society. But do you know how to attract love to your life and where to start from?

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Can You Liberate From Your Mind?

Some of my last posts concerned mind control and how to protect from it. However, have you ever thought about how to totally liberate from your mind? Let’s check it it is possible and how.

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Negative Energy. The Most Efficient Tool How To Cut It Off

Whether you want it or not, your aura is mixed with auras of other beings and energies penetrate each other. However, not always this encounter is beneficial for you. What to do then and how to cut off from negative energy?

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7 Symptoms Indicating Your Vibrations Are Increasing

You have already learned when your vibrations are high and when they are low. Sometimes you still may be misled with the way you follow to the Light. Today I will write about the seven signs when your vibrations are increasing.