How To Balance Chakras By Crystals Part 2

You have already read how important chakra healing is. My last post described which crystals are appropriate for these seven energetic centres. Today you will learn how to use the crystals to balance chakras.

How To Balance Chakras By Crystals Part 1

Lately, you could have checked how healthy your chakras are. You already know how to heal them by affirmations and music. Today I will present you how to balance chakras by crystals.

How To Balance And Heal Your Chakras By Music

Many readers have asked me about healing chakras. Apart from affirmations, I have found some other ways of working with these energetic centres. Today I will write how to use music frequencies for chakra healing.

Are Your Chakras Healthy? Test Yourself Part 3

Unhealthy chakras can have a very bad impact on your life. I have already described the symptoms typical for the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. Today you will learn how to recognise unhealthy throat, third eye and crown ones.