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Holiday Break


I am going on holiday for seventeen days and will be unable to interact with you, answering comments or emails.

However, new posts will be published as usual twice per week, so visit my blog on a regular basis and apply the knowledge presented there in your personal life. Good luck.


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Can You Liberate From Your Mind?

Some of my last posts concerned mind control and how to protect from it. However, have you ever thought about how to totally liberate from your mind? Let’s check it it is possible and how.

Happy Soul Prayers

The Prayer For Prosperity in 2019 And Divinity In Oneself

Today I would like to share with one payer to the Source for prosperity in 2019 and finding divinity in ourselves. Here it is.

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The Seven Planes of Existence

Some people have asked me: ‘Why can’t we see the angels of Jesus Christ?’ My today’s post will give you the answer describing the planes of existence.

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6 Reasons Why We Become Ill Part 3

You have already learned about four of the six reasons for becoming ill. Yesterday I wrote how stress and lack of exercise impair our health. Two days ago you could read about intoxication and nutrients deficiency. Today you will learn the two last, but not least important factors.