Clearing the Clutter Energy And Vibrations Thoughts

Ethereal Cords. Cut And Prevent Them Efficiently

Have you ever felt totally deployed from your energy? Is it even stronger when you have fallen off someone who had a negative impact on you recently? The time has come to cut ethereal cords totally. And today you will learn this skill.

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Learn How To Polish Your Intuition

One of my last posts described the life lessons learnt from each chakra. Using your intuition is one of them. Read how to master this skill.

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Learn Life Lessons From Each Chakra

This blog has got many articles about chakras and how to balance them. However, you probably do not know what life lessons each chakra teaches you.

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45 Effective Quantum Questions For Your Chakras

Quantum questions have become very popular in today’s world. You can apply them to everything in your life. Today I will show you how to use quantum questions for chakra balancing.

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How To Work With Chakras By Asking Questions

Some time ago I have written an article about balancing chakras by affirmations. Today you will learn another efficient method: asking the right questions.