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Workaholism. How You Destroy Your Soul

You already know when your soul suffers, looking into your eyes. Today I will show you what happens if you suffer from workaholism.

You have probably heard it many times: “Don’t work so much because your family and health will suffer.” Today I will show you a bit different perspective of workaholism.

There are many reasons for being a workaholic. Doing so in order to be happy and fulfilled is probably the most common one. You will find many excuses to continue work instead of having some rest ort spend quality time with your family..


I will ask you a question: Do workaholism bring you happiness and success or does it harm your health? You might answer choosing the first option. But… let’s examine facts.

How Do Workaholism Look Like?

A typical workaholic works 12, 14 and more hours a day, brings more work home and cannot rest. Work is the only purpose of his or her life.

However, the truth is different. You cannot relax, enjoy life, go on holiday, only work, work, work. You need to have an accident, become seriously ill, where the quick fix tablets do not work, to slow down. Workaholism do not help your family, to pay your debts or to enjoy life. It satisfies your desire to have more and more, to flaunt your pseudo riches.

You can go on holiday, but are unable to enjoy your free time, the beauty of nature, lovely food or just your relax time. You do not notice your loving partner or children. And when you notice these symptoms, the time has come to make the change in your life.

You Are the Wonder And the Light On the Earth

This means that you need to be wary of using your energy for creating the light, in your life, on the Earth and in the Universe. You cannot do it by being a workaholic or by overeating which I will discuss in my next post. Now ask yourself these two questions:

  • How do you treat your body, the lighthouse for the light you are shining around?
  • Are you really shining with the light?

The Consequences Of Workaholism

The truth is that your body shows you the consequences of workaholism. They may include back pain, muscle pain, headache, annoyance, permanent thinking ahead, problems with your sinus, digestive system, skin and thyroid gland diseases, tired eyes, losing your sight. Moreover, your throat, teeth and gums deteriorate, you start having stomach ulcers and liver problems because of constant aggression and tension.

Beware of the first symptoms and slow down because you might not have time later, ending with a stroke or a heart attack. I’m not threatening. it is a standard now. Now more and more people are laid off and need to learn how to rest. But being a workaholic, they are not able to.

Read more about the reasons of health deterioration

The Truth About Work From Your Soul’s Perspective

Starting to grow spiritually, you notice that everything is in perfect harmony: work, family life, health and resting. All of these areas of your life are equal. However, equality is not a buzzword on the Earth yet, we like to be better than our neighbours. Religion, science, education and politics teach you that from the youngest.

Workaholism shows you pseudo harmony: if I work more, I will have more. However, if I lose my health, I will have nothing. The truth is that only having harmony between your work, rest, love life will give you health and happiness on all dimesions: body, heart, mind and soul.

How To End With Workaholism

Apologise to your body, mind and soul for treating them in an unkind way, forcing for doing too much for you. Make the decision to start a new life right now. When your body says “Enough”, never take a wonderful quick fix tablet, but listen to the warning and slow down.

Make a commitment to rest regularly, turning off your computer and phone. Learn how to enjoy every single moment of your free time: nature, nurturing relationships with people, doing what you love doing.

What Happens When You Change Your Life

When you stop being a workaholic and implement harmony at work, all other areas of life become more harmonious: your love life, health and rest. It is a better option than wasting your energy and destroying your health.

Suddenly you notice that there is no stress, aggression or annoyance at work, there is no rat race. Everything is going so well that you cannot imagine it. When you begin to respect your planet, the world, people around, your family, the Universe returns you not only harmony but also more money, a better relationship with your next of kins and your health improvement.


Please understand, as a workaholic, that you may now have the time to work on your health, to heal your destroyed spine, digestive or nervous system. You may have be given the time to enjoy your health, family, vacation. The question is

  • Will you make the most of this chance or will you rather go straight to ending this life by a sudden stroke, heart attack or an accident?

The choice is yours and only you can make the decision: creation or destruction.

In a Nutshell

Today I have presented you the problem of workaholism from your souls’ perspective. You can either create happiness and harmony in your life or waste your precious energy and destroy your health, eventually leaving this planet much earlier than you could. The choice is yours.


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